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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rise of Nations Free Download Game

Download Free Game Rise of Nations - PC Game - Full Version

Rise of Nations is a real time strategic game which was released in 2003. The game revolves around territories and the struggle of players to gain the upper hand in controlling the land. Rise of Nations was received positively by most critics and got an 89 percent approval rating from Meta critic.
As mentioned above, the game involves the concept of territories. The players have to build their ‘base’ and can only construct buildings in their or their allies’ territories. The borders can be expanded by building forts and cities. The players have to strengthen their economy by using citizens for collecting resources. There are six types of resources available for collection.

Rise of Nations includes a campaign which can be played in five different story modes. ‘Alexander the Great’, ‘Napoleon’, ‘The Cold War’, ‘Conquer the World’ and ‘The New World’ are the five different story modes available. The player has to start from the ancient age and make his way to the present age. The game play is based on the ability of the player to balance the defense and offense of his army as well as keeping the economy of his nation in account. The player can also engage other nations in a diplomatic manner and play the game an ally.

Rise of Nations is one of the pioneers of the modern day strategic games and is one of the most sold games of the genre to date.


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