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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Project IGI 3 PC Game Download


Download Free Game Project IGI 3 - PC Game - Full Version 

Project IGI 3 is the latest edition of the IGI series. It is a first person shooter and is held in a great regard by the lovers of the genre. It was released in August 2013 and has achieved a rate of 8.5 from GameSpot. The game follows the story of a freelance operative named David Llewelyn Jones who works for both the British, and the US government. The player has access to a wide range of latest weaponry which he must use to accomplish his military missions. The player has to recover a lost atomic warhead and save the world from an act of nuclear terrorism.

The game contains a full fledged campaign in which the player has to complete a range of missions of different capacities. Some of the missions are not thoroughly shooting ones and the player has to sneak up on his enemy at times.

The campaign starts with the player rescuing a fellow agent who was held by the enemy. The player has to scout the area of action at different times during the game and also make use of stealth to accomplish the challenging missions. A wide range of weapons which include RPGs, sub-machine guns, pistols and rifles are available for the player to use. Selling millions of copies, Project IGI 3 is surely one of the best first person shooter games created.

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