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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Download Need for Speed II PC Game


Download Free Game Need for Speed II - PC Game - Full Version

Need for Speed II SE (Special Edition) was the second edition of the world renowned gaming series, ‘Need for Speed’. It was released on PlayStation and Microsoft windows in 1997. Need for Speed II provides the players, an opportunity to race in real life cars on imaginary tracks. There are three main single player modes; single race, tournament mode and knockout mode. Multiplayer option is also available with two (or more) players playing via LAN or split screen mode.

There is a wide range of real life cars including Ford Indigo, McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Ford GT90 and Italdesign Cala. Some of the cars are faster than others and their specifications are explained in terms of acceleration, top speed and handling. The tracks are all imaginary and include The Outback, Mystic Peaks, Proving Grounds and Pacific Spirit.

In Single Player mode, the player is able to compete against a range of computer controlled opponents in a single race. In tournament mode, the player has to complete a sequence of races successfully which results in unlocking a bonus car.

In knockout mode, the player plays against the computer opponents over a course of races and after each race, the lowest finisher gets eliminated. Knockout mode was introduced for the first time in the game and winning the mode results in unlocking a new track.
Need for Speed II proved to be the pioneer of modern racing games and paved the way towards more advanced need for speed games.


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