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Monday, 16 June 2014

Download Free Game Cue Club


Download Free Game Cue Club - PC Game - Full Version

There is a whole lot of pool games online and available for download but none of them is better than Cue Club. With 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker as the game types available to play, each of them have their own rules and number of balls. The view available to the player is that of a snooker table. The player has to compete against the computer, or another player and pot all the legitimate balls first to win. The direction of the shot, angle, power and position of impact can all be adjusted at close quarters. The player can choose from a variety of sticks and table tops to play in the game.

Cue Club offers different game modes for the players to play in. Players who are not satisfied by playing a simple one-off game, and want something more can test their skills in chat rooms. The chat rooms have a number of computer controlled opponents who have varying number of points, displayed as stars. The player has to challenge an opponent of equal or better points to win a star. Once the player reaches 5 star level, he can challenge the boss.

In Cue Club, there are different difficulty levels so that players can find an opponents which matches their skills. In easier modes, the computer is prone to mistakes but with the increase in level, the play becomes more and more tough. Even though Cue Club is game designed quite a few years back, few can argue about the fact that it is the most complete game of its genre.


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